There are many who will caution you that investing in stocks is not everybody’s cup of tea. However, that’s not true. Over the long run, stocks are known to deliver the highest returns compared to other conventional financial investment products. What’s more, with an adequately diversified portfolio of stocks, the longer you stay invested, the lower will be the volatility that your portfolio experiences. Further, it is widely held that India is slated for strong economic growth due to its demographic dividend and current level of progress; the only way to participate in and benefit from this growth is to invest in well-chosen stocks. In a nutshell, a well selected, adequately diversified portfolio of Indian stocks, if held over the long run, is the surest and best way to ensure that your wealth grows. And why should increasing one’s wealth not be everybody’s cup of tea?!

There is a simple caveat to this proposition for wealth increase. And it is usually this caveat that leads people to believe that investing in the stock market is best avoided. Here it is: Investing without adequate knowledge is dangerous. You must realize that investing in stocks is no less a decision than investing in a business. Now, would you put your money into a business without much thought? Certainly not. Similarly,

investing in stocks must be preceded by an understanding of the stock and the industry to which it belongs. This leads you to the next question: Can anyone who makes an effort master knowledge of stocks and industries? Well, adequate study gives you enough knowledge to follow the recommendations of experts and gauge for yourself whether you would like to invest or not. It also gives you enough confidence to hire a fund manager or invest in a mutual fund and oversee this investment successfully.

So now that you are convinced that with a little effort, it is possible for you to be a successful stock investor, where do you begin? Right here. With this Site! It literally tells you ‘Everything you wanted to know about stock market investing. Starting at level zero, the site gradually takes you through concepts and strategies that are directly and indirectly related to investing in stocks. Finally, it leaves you with classic investing rules that prepare you for your journey into the world of stock investing. So sit back with that cup of tea, or whatever other beverage suits your fancy, and take your first step into the world of stock investing by turning to our daily post.

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