Union Budget 2021-22: Finance Minister Endorsed National Rail Plan (NRP) 2030

In December last yer, Indian railways had issued draft NRP. NRP will be a common platform for all future infrastructural, business and financial planning of the railways. Objectives of the plan Creat capacity ahead of demand by 2030 this in turn would cater to growth in demand right up to 2050. Increase the modal share … Read more

Innovation and R&D

National Research Foundation: Announced with an outlay of Rs. 50,000 crore, over 5 years. It will ensure that the overall research ecosystem of the country is strengthened with focus on identified national-priority thrust areas. National Language Translation Mission (NTLM): This will enable the wealth of governance-and-policy related knowledge on the Internet being made available in … Read more

Which sector the Union Budget 2021-22 Focuse

Budget proposals for 2021-2022 rest on 6 pillars: Health and Wellbeing Physical & Financial Capital, and Infrastructure Inclusive Development for Aspirational India Reinvigorating Human Capital Innovation and R&D Minimum Government and Maximum Governance

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