Weekly Updates of Finance

For nearly all athletes, there’s a gear that is extremely crucial. If you’re a batsman, your bat is crucial. If you’re a tennis player, your racket might be crucial. But nearly all athletes that play a sport standing up agree on one gear being extremely crucial: shoes. (Just in case you’re wondering which sport isn’t … Read more

Daily Digest of finance

The markets ended more or less flat today. Sensex ended the day in the green while Nifty was in the red. ITC: The company declared its Q3 results. Its year on year quarterly profit declined. Q3 Results: ITC, Grasim ITC The company’s net profit was at Rs 3,662.85 crores during the October to December 2020 … Read more

Daily Digest of Finance

The markets ended up 0.43% today after ending flat for 2 days. The day opened in green and went downwards till the middle of the day, but caught up again. Hindalco: The company’s Q3 results were announced yesterday.  Sun Pharma: The company settled its whistleblower complaint case today. Titan: The company declared its Q3 results … Read more

What is capital assets

Capital assets are significant pieces of property such as homes, cars, investment properties, stocks, bonds, and even collectibles or art. For businesses, a capital asset is an asset with a useful life longer than a year that is not intended for sale in the regular course of the business’s operation. This also makes it a … Read more

Why need to plan and invest for you and your future

No Social Security Until a few years ago, it was common for people to stay in the same job all their working lives. But today, every sector has an ocean of job opportunities to offer. Unlike a cushy government job, where one gets the benefit of a pension that has a dearness allowance built in, … Read more

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